• “My platform is straight-forward and focused on economic development, public safety, protecting our environment, enhancing our schools and holding down taxes.”

    - Ed Perez


    About Ed

    Ed Perez is a social entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in the non-profit sector. Currently, Ed is the President of Diversity Resource Network (DRN), a marketing consulting organization. DRN assists its clients in the area of business development and communication through marketing and public relations. DRN also assists businesses in the management of diversity compliance, as well as sales and supplier diversity initiatives. In addition to his work at DRN, Ed is also part of the team at the Suffolk County Board of Elections.


    Ed has a depth of experience working as a public servant in local government as well. He currently serves as an appointed Town of Huntington official, as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Ed also has served in Suffolk County government as the Director of the Office of Minority Affairs and as the Director of Community Relations. As the Director of Minority Affairs, his responsibilities were to advise and assist the County Executive and other high level administrators within the executive branch of county government on issues and concerns affecting the more than 300,000 Suffolk residents that comprise Suffolk’s minority communities. As the Director of Community Relations, Ed served as the ombudsman for the county, supervising the County Executive’s Constituent Response Unit. In this role he advocated for Suffolk residents and assisted constituents in navigating all levels of government.


    Ed also has a distinguished history of community service. He has served as Chairman of the Board of La Fuerza Unida Community Development Corporation, is the founder of community economic development organization the Friends of Huntington Station Latin Quarter and is a current Board Member of the Developmental Disabilities Institute Foundation and the Huntington Townwide Fund. He has also served as a past Board Member of several community organizations including - the Heckscher Museum of Art, the Family and Children's Association, La Fuerza Unida Community Development Corporation and Sustainable Long Island.


    Ed has been recognized by several organizations for his service back to local communities. He is a recipient of the Long Island Hispanic Counseling Center's Humanitarian Award, has been honored by Long Island’s TeleCare Television network as one of Long Island’s Latino Leaders and was named man of the year in civics for 2011 by the Times of Huntington. He has also been presented with community service citations by both the County Executive and County Legislature of Nassau County. In addition, Ed has been recognized by the Town of Huntington, Supervisor Frank Petrone and the Huntington Chamber of Commerce Foundation for his participation and service in the "Leadership Huntington" program.

    Ed earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing management from Bernard M. Baruch College and resides in Huntington, where he lives with his wife. He has three adult children and a wonderful granddaughter.

  • Accomplishments

    Economic Development and Jobs

    • Developed the Woman and Minority Business Enterprise (MWBE) certification program for Suffolk County Government.  The program certifies that businesses 51% owned and managed by a woman or minority can participate in government contracts that have compliance initiatives
    • Developed the MWBE website and business directory where MWBE's can register to market their business to prime contractors
    • Suffolk County bonding program which reduced the bonding requirements for contracts up to $250,000 leveling the playing field for small firms wanting to conduct business with Suffolk County on capital improvement projects
    • Conduct first time homebuyer and small business start-up seminars

    Public Safety

    • Created 2011 peace march after shooting at local housing apartment that lead to the re-institution of the Huntington Station Revitalization Action NOW Council prompting town to appoint me as co-hair
    • Worked with 2nd precinct on crime through monthly meetings and updates on crime with the HS Action NOW committee; shootings in HS down to record numbers
    • Business and housing code enforcement through Action Now Committee to educate community on best practices 

    Civil and Human Rights

    • Helped craft Suffolk County's toughest antidiscrimination housing law in the county's history by providing a mechanism for those that have been a victim of unfair housing practices to be able to have their cases heard by the county Human rights commission and prosecute offenders with our own local law
    • Created of Suffolk County Unity Day; an all day event bringing communities together through exhibits, music, non-profit program information and celebration of Suffolk's  diversity
    • Created the Suffolk County Asian-American Advisory board that would advise the county elected on issues and concerns of the Asian community
    • Created the Suffolk County Muslim-American Advisory board that would advise the county elected on issues and concerns of the Muslim community
    • Civic engagement of Huntington Station Latino Community by founding Friends of Huntington Station Latin Quarter. Named Huntington Times Man of the year in Civics
    • Raised funds for the NAACP to pay for minorities that needed financial assistance to take the Suffolk County police department civil service exam
  • Issues

    “I pledge to work everyday as our community’s representative in the State Assembly

    to make our neighborhoods and state a better place today and for future generations tomorrow.”

    - Ed Perez

    Ed will work for our community to:

    • Promote our local economy and create jobs
    • Make and keep our neighborhoods safe
    • Protect our natural environment
    • Enhance our local schools
    • Hold down taxes
    • Create Public Private Partnership programs that will attract investment to our area
    • Pass legislation for MWBE and small business certification programs that will create jobs and business opportunities
    • Obtain infrastructure funding for development for New York Avenue and plan for sewers through the local economic development council funded by New York State
    • Continue to work with law enforcement and Suffolk County elected officials to make certain the resources  promised for our area come to fruition